As if things couldn’t get any worse

A blog then, reluctantly. What with Twitter and Facebook (although that’s obviously very 2008) I’m not sure I can find many other places to write about how boring my life is. But you never know, let’s give it a go shall we?

As education correspondent of the Leicester Mercury I really wonder whether anybody actually cares about education in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Does what I write matter to anybody apart from those most directly affected – the councillors, the school staff in the trade unions, the other journalists who write about the same kind of thing.

Was meant to play football this evening, followed by a night at Curve, Leicester’s new theatre, but both of those have fallen by the wayside due to a very important meeting at Leicester City Council scrutinising the decision to recommend that one of the city’s secondary schools, Riverside College, in Rowley Fields, closes down due to low numbers. As usual those against the decision believe that the consultation will be a sham and it’s a done deal. We’ll see.

My instinct is to go the other way – to move to a mountain top in France where nobody knows what I’m doing through Facebook or Twitter or a blog; maybe I’d have a small radio to listen to the news on the World Service.

But until then, this is it. Every movement, every thought will now be recorded.

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A journalist working in Brussels
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