Colourful inspiration

How nice it was to visit Leicester’s great new Beaumont Leys School again yesterday and talk to its charismatic head teacher Liz Logie.

Quite clearly so much forward planning went into the design of the school. Liz is really interested in the effect colour has on people’s moods and the school is painted in a variety of bright pinks, lime greens, yellows and purples.

Speaking to the pupils, I was struck by just how much, not just having a brand new school, but also the fact it is so colourful, has motivated them. Standing in the corridors even at busy times such as lesson changes and lunch, it’s impressive how there’s a calm, grown-up, university-style atmosphere. Some people in Leicester come out with tired prejudices about the Beaumont Leys estate. They should all be forced to see this school in action and speak to the confident, well-behaved pupils; their views would change overnight.

It’s so interesting how colour affects people. These ideas shouldn’t be discarded as airy-fairy nonsense. Whatever we can do to inspire people and make them feel good should be grabbed by both hands, especially in education.

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A journalist working in Brussels
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