I was attacked by Leicester’s demon cyclist

There’s an article in today’s Mercury by my colleage Ciaran Fagan about a man who rides his bicycle around Leicester and kicks pedestrians and shouts abuse at them.

I was kicked to the ground by him just over a year ago outside the railway station and only last week he shouted abuse at me and a woman with her young daughter as we were walking through Victoria Park.

The trouble is, because it’s the last thing you expect to happen, he has sped off before anyone has had a chance to see what he looks like. That was certainly true in my case, when I couldn’t give any discription to the police.

The police are trying to give him an Asbo to try to prevent his threatening behaviour which has mostly taken place on New Walk, in London Road and in Victoria Park.

The police officer co-ordinating inquiries has even set up a Facebook site.

About Ian

A journalist working in Brussels
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