We should pay for teachers rather than clearing up after these idiots

Victoria Park, in happier times

Victoria Park, in happier times

There’s nothing that raises my stress levels more on the way to work in the morning than walking through Victoria Park and seeing the disgusting state brainless morons have left the place in following some warm weather the day before.

It’s OK though, isn’t it, because the council comes and cleans it all up so there’s no point in walking to the nearest bin and putting your beer cans / food wrappers / wine bottles / disposable barbecues in there. It’s brilliant, it’s almost like having your own personal cleaner paid for by the State.

Who are these idiots who think it’s OK to blight my views of one of Leicester’s beautiful green areas and leave their rubbish for other people to wade through?

And I became even more annoyed after reading my Leicester Mercury colleague’s article on the £75,000 bill this summer to clean up after these imbeciles – this summer alone.

I don’t want to pay a penny in tax to allow people to be lazy, stupid and inconsiderate. Every single one of them should be rounded up and the bill for cleaning deducted from their wages or added to their student loan. Either that or make them clean up the park themselves dressed head to toe in black bin liners.

What would happen if the council decided it wouldn’t clear up after these animals?*

I think we should just let the rubbish build up so much that eventually they might get the message. It would look awful for a while but eventually they’d come to realise that if they want the privilege of sitting in a nice, well-kept area they have to accept some of the responsibility of being a member of the human race.

Because £75,000 would pay for three newly qualilfied teachers in Leicester’s schools. Think what a contribution that could make to our city’s children’s lives.

They could even teach them to take their litter home.

* Actually they’re dirtier than animals. As Leicester’s very own David Attenborough said in his amazing new radio series, even the sloth is cleaner than these disgusting louts.

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3 Responses to We should pay for teachers rather than clearing up after these idiots

  1. We’ve said the same. The nature pond is full of beer bottles and chicken boxes. On my lunch break I’ve actively watched people enjoy the sunshine and then leave their lunch wrapping in tiny little circles. The same happened when it snowed – thanks those who thought it was ok to roll their rubbish up into a giant solid lump of ice and leave it at their arse. If you walk along University Road, first thing on a Monday morning, you will also see a similar site – remains from the night before, broken bottles and flyers. It’s depressing.

    This was one of the reasons why we moved from Knighton to Barrow-upon-Soar (Charnwood council seem to have an easier time of it because the residents actually respect their green spaces and are vigilant about rubbish) There are probably a number of social factors (the joys of city living, communities and student/professional conflict) but it should be repetitively drummed into these people that it is no ok to just dump you barbeque or pizza box in the park.

  2. AJ Cann says:

    I thought there were supposed to be lots of litter wardens in Leicester?

  3. Sue says:

    No guarantee that any money saved from not having to pick up litter would be spent on teachers.

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