Another school could close

I’ve just been told that Leicestershire County Council are to consider the closure of Holmfield Primary School, in Leicester Forest East.

The school has just been placed in special measures because Ofsted inspectors rated the quality of teaching to be inadequate.

It received an official Notice to Improve last year but did not get better – the first time this has ever happened in Leicestershire.

Assuming the move is rubber stamped by the council’s cabinet next week, a 12-week consultation will now take place.

There are five options on the table – including leaving the school as it is – but the council’s prefered option at this stage is closure.

It will now be interesting to see whether parents show loyalty to the school and fight against the closure and whether the consultation process is better received than the city council’s into the proposed shutting of Riverside Business and Enterprise College.

Read more about it in tomorrow’s Mercury.

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One Response to Another school could close

  1. Troy Ingram says:

    In 2008 Holmfield Primary School received an official Notice to improve and was then inspected again two weeks before ofsted appeared with their du’bious inspection.
    The local authority report dated the 4th June 2009 stated the school’s overall effectiveness had improved significantly since it’s inspection in June 2008, although further work is needed to improve standards and achievements.The Action plan had been addressed and monitored and evaluation are good, and the school has an accurate understanding of its priorities. The school now takes a systematic approach to evaluation and as a result there is evidence of improvement. There is further capacity to improve, as a result of better systems and improved provision.It also states earlier in the report that recent evidence suggests that progress has accelerated over the last 9 months in teaching and learning.
    The OFSTED report compares us to their last report in 2003, a 6 year gap. The LA report compares to a report from last year. No offence but if OFSTED can only manage an inspection every 6 years surely they need a Notice to improve.
    Copies of these reports can be requested at the school.

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