The Leicester Mercury’s blossoming blog network!

More of my colleagues have suddenly started blogs – writing a behind-the-scenes view on their area of expertise.

Would you like to try a few of them out? Of course you would!

ian griffin


Firstly, why don’t you take a look at the Leicester Mercury business editor Ian Griffin’s offering. He sent me a thinly veiled threatening email this morning demanding I tell you about his blog. Ian writes a lot about companies going bust or making redundancies but don’t let that put you off. Ian worked on the business desk at the Leicester Mercury some years ago but then left to go to work for the paper in Stoke, pocketing a very nice iPod as a leaving present. Within six months he was back at the Mercury. If you ask me, he should be advising companies on how to make a profit rather than writing about them.


ciaran fagan


Next, have a read of crime reporter Ciaran Fagan’s effort. He knows lots about the bad things that happen in Leicestershire. Often before the police do, in fact. That does make you ask yourself a few questions, doesn’t it. Maybe he’ll blog on how he does it. He’s the Merc’s longest-serving reporter, having worked here at least 10 years. He sits next to me and prides himself on his corduroy suit, love of Liverpool Football Club and his authentic Scouse accent, even though he grew up in Burton. He also goes to Leicester’s finest Italian restaurant everyday, Cafe Roma, eats their pasta, and then asks whether we think people there will think it strange that he goes in every single day and asks for the same lunch. I generally humour him by saying no.

pete warzynski


Who next? Ah, yes. Pete Warzynski. Pete’s a relatively new reporter at the Mercury although he worked at the BBC before. He writes about general news at the paper and about general anything on his blog. He’s a tough tackler in football, and I have the bruises to prove it. He’s currently trying to buy a house which he believes is sufficiently interesting to blog about. Follow this link and decide for yourself.

simon ward


Then there’s Simon of course. Simon Ward. Wardy. Another relatively new arrival in the Mercury newsroom writing about general news. Simon doesn’t blog about work-related issues but about music, which is his passion. Just as well as recently while out covering the story of the proposed closure of Holmfield Primary School a reader described him as looking like a member of boy band Busted. He does have lovely hair.



People who have been blogging for a while include my news editor Mark Charlton, known affectionately by one and all as Statto. Quite why, I’m not sure, I’ve never thought to ask him, but I guess it’s because he bears a passing resemblance to the character on 1990s cult classic show Fantasy Football. Mark’s a very experienced journalist but doesn’t blog about news, rather about the recent birth of his twins, German football and music he believes to be good.

Our editor and boss Keith Perch has been blogging for a while too. He talks about how the Mercury approaches certain stories, how decisions taken in the newsroom are arrived at and why we write the articles we do. Keith arrived about half a year ago and has changed some of the ways we work. He’s also got a lovely new television in his office.

Our sports reporters have also got blogs: Robber Tanner, our great new Leicester City correspondent; Paul Jones on cricket; and Martin Crowson, a very nice man and our Tigers reporter.

Now, I’m only telling you all this because I trust you to continue to read my blog first. Promise? Good.

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