UPDATE: An insult to parents

Following my post yesterday evening, this morning I received this statement from Leicester City Council’s press office, on behalf of Leicester College:

The College is excited to have been chosen as lead education partner for Babington NCCT because it recognises the benefits this will bring to local young people and the surrounding communities.  The College has extensive experience of collaborative working, including with several schools, and welcomes the opportunity to work closely with the LA and the Co-operative College.  Developing this long-term partnership will enable Leicester College and Babington to share specialist expertise and resources, to build a strong link between the two institutions and the wider post-16 sector, and to raise aspirations and attainment among young people across the City.  

Aside from the fact that Leicester College had all afternoon to tell me this quote was available from the city council and left it too late for me get it, I still think it is unacceptable that an organisation which is quite separate from the city council and which is going to have such a major say in the running of one of Leicester’s secondary schools, can hide behind a three-sentence PR statement issued on its behalf.

Why does Leicester College want to be the most major partner (having a larger say than the city council) in running a city school? If you think the above statement answers that question for the parents of Babington, then I won’t ask again.

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3 Responses to UPDATE: An insult to parents

  1. Sue says:

    Think you should keep asking. Have you looked at comments on article for city schools no longer going to need government intervention?

  2. Sue says:

    I am still waiting for a reply to my email of 4th feb to city so I guess I will still be waiting. Perhaps I should start a blog

  3. Ian says:

    Sue, I think you should.

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