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G20 in Cannes: Nothing short of a disaster for the EU

When, 24 hours behind schedule, José Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy gave a joint press conference at last week’s G20 meeting, they had all the appearance of rabbits caught in the glare of headlights. A world-changing event such as … Continue reading

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Leicester council leader tells public to “have some manners”

So this was democracy in action then. The decorum of a regular city council cabinet meeting shaken by palpable anger and frustration among normal members of the public. And when they complained that they hadn’t been listened to council leader … Continue reading

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As if things couldn’t get any worse

A blog then, reluctantly. What with Twitter and Facebook (although that’s obviously very 2008) I’m not sure I can find many other places to write about how boring my life is. But you never know, let’s give it a go … Continue reading

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